How to find the best credit repair company?

Do you have credit problems? Are you suffering from a bad credit score? Are you looking a best credit repair?

If you are reading this blog post, you probably have an embarrassing credit score that has caused problems for you.

You might have tried to fix your credit score on your own, but it hasn’t worked. Maybe you have hired a credit repair company to fix your credit, but the company you chose was not enough.

It is not important which one of the above reasons has directed you here. The important thing is that you are in the correct direction. We have gathered a bunch of useful information to educate you on choosing the right credit repair company and getting free credit counseling.


First of all, what exactly is a Credit repair?

Credit repair is the term applied to the process of deleting or correcting negative information on your credit report. Negative information such as delinquent payments, debt collection, charge offs, bankruptcies, cynical judgments, etc. These are the main accusers of your low credit score.


How does Credit Repair company fix credit?

Fixing credit is a collection of hierarchical processes of analyzing, challenging, disputing, and monitoring. To make a long story short, the credit repair company reviews your credit report meticulously and in detail to find the inaccurate information or errors. Most companies provide free credit reporting services for you. Then, they dispute the problem with the credit bureau that reported it. They continue the dispute until the credit reporter corrects or deletes the inaccurate negative information.

Does this work?

The answer is YES. For a couple of reasons, this method is efficient. The most precise reason is that according to a study, a notable number of credit reports are likely to have errors. A study on credit report accuracy showed that one in five customers had an error on at least one of their three credit reports.

Another important reason is that the credit reporter agencies are required by law to verify the information in the credit report in 30 days. If they cannot verify the incorrect information, they have to delete it.

So the probability of your success is high if you have inaccurate negative information on your credit report.

What if you have negative but accurate information on your credit report?

If you have negative information in your credit report, that belongs to you, you can improve them by getting a consult. Many credit repair companies offer free counseling.

In this condition, what most credit repair companies do is that they send a letter of verification request to the credit report bureau. If you are lucky and the credit reporter bureau cannot verify the reported items, again, they have to omit those items from your credit report.


Who needs to hire a credit repair company?

Not everybody with a credit card needs a credit repair company. You have to review your credit reports regularly to avoid bad credit scores or to do credit boosting. You can get free credit reports once a year from all the three main bureaus. For more free credit reports you should contact a company that provides accurate free credit reports, like enrich financial. You can review your reports on your own. If you distinct any mistake or inaccurate data, you can get a free credit consult.

Sometimes, credit reports are complicated to people, and they need to get professional help for monitoring their credit. Free credit counselings are available in many credit repair companies that suggest professional advice.

Occasionally people don’t have enough time, or sometimes they are not interested in financial fields. Referring to a professional credit repair company is a productive activity in these conditions.

In October 2019, Credit Knocked surveyed 500 Americans who paid for professional credit repair services. They found that 43% of all respondents saw a credit score increase of at least 75 points. Among respondents who used credit repair services for six months or more, 48% saw an increase of at least 100 points.


How a credit repair company helps us?

Most credit repair companies offer other services besides fixing credit. Free credit counseling is one of them. Getting free credit counseling from an expert is the essential activity you can do for your credit management. Of course, you have to choose the right company to get the correct result. Here are some of the critical points you need to consider while choosing a credit repair company.

1.    History and reviews

The most important factor we recommend you to consider while choosing a credit repair company, for a credit fix or other essential services like free credit counseling, is the company’s record of accomplishments.

The history of the company and its previous customer’s experience can tell a lot about that company. For example, EnrichFinancial presents over 98% customer satisfaction and referrals that encourages one to contact them confidently.


2. Price

Price is one of the vital factors in every shopping. Since people refer to credit repair companies because of low financial status, price plays a crucial role in choosing the best credit counseling company. Although many free products and services are likely to be useless, you can find some limited but beneficial free credit counseling companies depending on the previous tip. You can find some helpful free counseling on enrichfin.com.

3. Features

The features a credit repair company offers you are essential. For example, the number of disputes they will do compared to other companies or other useful services they provide to ease your financial management.


4. Customer service

Nobody likes to work with a company that he or she is not comfortable with. Even if all the factors are correct, but you may have a bad experience if the company’s staff are not friendly.

Our suggestion for you is to use Enrich Financial’s free credit counseling for one time.

Over 90% of clients claim that Mr. Arian Eghbali and his team have provided a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for them during cooperation.



You need to review your credit reports if you want to avoid credit score decrease or if you want to boost your credit score. When you face a bad credit score problem, you have to fix your credit. Since credit fixing is a tedious and complicated task, many people prefer to get professional help to overcome this problem. Many credit repair companies do credit fixing service. For choosing the best company, you need to consider the company’s history and reviews, features the company provides for you, the price of service, and customer service.

Our suggestion for you is EnrichFinacial with four active branches in the USA and over 98% of customer satisfaction. You can first get a free credit consult by click here, which helps you to decide for your further credit management.

Don’t forget to get your free credit counseling.




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