According to Experian, almost everyone with a credit card can run into credit problems. These problems can include a bad credit score, low credit limits, and negative information on credit reports. When you have a credit problem, you need to resolve it as soon as possible because your credit status can affect your purchase ability in America. Some people decide to solve these problems on their own. However, since the process is complicated and specialized, many prefer to hire a credit repair company. Credit repair companies offer different credit repair services. Enrich Financial is one of the bests in the field that provides free credit repair counseling at first. This consult lets you decide better about the future decisions you would make. Different companies offer different services.

Here at Enrich Financial some of our services include:
  • Free credit counseling

when you contact Enrich Financial for a credit issue, our specialized credit repairers consulate you. They analyze your problem and offer the best plan according to your status.

  • Bureau challenges

Most of the time credit problems are because of errors on credit reports. Credit repair specialists start to challenge these errors on your credit report with the bureau that has reported that information. Enrich Financial works with all the three main credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

  • Creditor interventions

Your late payments are essential information about your credit report. They can cause adverse damage to your credit score. Credit repair specialists debate your past late payments with the creditor via a letter and try to solve this negative information.

  • InquiryAssist

When someone other than you asks for your credit, report its recorded as a hard inquiry in your history. You are supposed to have a limited number of hard inquiries in your account during a dedicated period. More hard inquiries can cause adverse effects on your score and account. You can contact Enrich Financial’s credit repairers for solving this problem.

  • Score analysis

Enrich Financial specialists suggest analyzing credit reports to maintain good credit. They analyze your reports and your score and draw a clear map of the causes and effects of your credit score changes.

  • ReportWatch

As I mentioned before, one primary task that we offer to do for healthy credit maintenance is checking your credit report regularly at least once a month. Our credit specialists watch your credit to solve the errors as soon as possible. Moreover, you can ask for free and accurate credit reports in this service.

  • Cease & desist letters

When you face debt settlement problems, and you do not know what to decide about it, you can ask for a cease and desist letter. This letter stops your creditor from calling you and tells him or her that you are making the best decision about your debt payment. It does not remove the debt, but it stops the phone calls.

  • FICO® score tracker

There are several types of scoring models for credit score in the united states. FICO score is the one that most creditors observe while lending you money. FICO score is very critical and shapes most of your financial status. Credit repair specialists at Enrich Financial track your FICO score regularly, to detect and solve the most little issues before any damage is caused. Moreover, sometimes this process is done for credit score boosting.

  • Identity protection

Our credit repairers have plans to help you protect your identity. With the development of technology and the internet, many banking transactions are being done via electronic devices. It is essential to take care of our identity in such a world. A credit card is a significant asset of yours that can be easily attacked by phishing or other problems. Our credit specialists teach you how to protect your data. Moreover, they protect your credit accounts for you.

  • Personal finance tools

Enrich Financial’s credit repair specialists offer Personal finance tools to help you manage your finance on your own. You can learn how to watch and maintain good credit and avoid debt settlement issues.

Other services:

Additional to credit repair services, we offer two other services to improve your financial status:

  • Business credit

Business credit is another service offered by Enrich Financial to all small business owners. By a separate business credit, you are able to enjoy advantages such as higher credit limits and personal credit protection.

  • Debt settlement

Enrich Financial has gathered several experienced and expert lawyers for credit repair services, along with credit specialists that can help you to solve any debt settlement issues.

You can contact our specialists to get free accurate credit reports. Moreover, our counselors are ready to help you with the disputing process.

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