About the Author, Arian Eghbali:

If you had to deal with credit problems at some point, you had probably heard about the book ” Build better credit to Build a better life” Written by Mr. Arian Eghbali to help people in solving their credit problems on their own.

Mr. Arian Eghbali is a successful entrepreneur who has been working in the finance field since 2008. 

“There are many financial problems that consumers face today, such as estate planning, insurance, investments, and taxes, to name a few. Our job is to aid our customers to meet all of their financial challenges. ” Mr. Eghbali says. 

His company, Enrich Financial is one of the most prosperous credit repair companies in California. Arian and his notable outstanding team have been able to solve over 10000 cases successfully. Mr. Eghbali involves with each case from the very front himself. That is one of the characteristics that make his management style unique.

Arian Eghbali is the person who stepped into the credit world in the first place for helping less powerful people in financial problems. Writing this book is proof of his honesty in his attitude.

A Gist of the Book:

In “Build better credit to build a better life” Arian Eghbali tries to help the readers to understand the basics of finance and credit. Moreover, his explanations cover useful information about credit systems in the USA.

Arian Eghbali believes that most people face financial issues because they lack adequate information. Therefore in this book, he tries to explain any credit-related information in a straight forward manner.

The covering of the book includes a slogan” your better life starts here”. I, as a reader, would like to say it is not just a motto; it is a fact because this book teaches you how to maintain good credit. Good credit means a high credit score and a high credit score means everything in the USA. A good credit score provides higher credit limits, lower loan interests and more accessible debt settlement terms to name a few.

Three main credit bureaus collect your credit transactions and your other financial data in the UnitedStates. So, every economic activity of you, including credit cards transactions and debt settlement status are saved on credit reports. These reports shape your credit score.

There are methods you can learn to boost your credit score. Moreover, if there is bad credit, you can learn to repair it and enhance your score again.

Many people refer to this book after facing financial problems. However, they should read it to prevent financial issues by learning credit management.


What can I learn by reading this book?

You can learn everything about credit from A to Z. In “Build better credit to build a better life”, Mr Arian Eghbali starts from history of the credit systems and explains every needed information. By reading the book, you can learn about the basics of credit such as credit score and credit report. You learn about the importance of maintaining a credit score. You get to learn about other scores. 

Moreover, you can learn how to manage your current healthy credit or how to boost your good credit to excellent credit. You learn about credit score decrease reasons and preventing methods. Finally, you learn to find the errors on your credit reports and the correcting techniques. 

If you have a credit report and you have the time and temper to solve them on your own, you can confidently rely on “Build better credit to build a better life ”. However, if you are going to hire a company to repair your credit, reading this book eases the processes by adding to your knowledge.


“Build better credit to build a better life” is a book written by Mr Arian Eghbali about credit in the USA. The book has been written by the purpose of helping ordinary working people of society with their financial problems.

 Mr Arian Eghbali is the CEO of Enrich Financial company which mainly focuses on credit repair. In the book, he explains credit-related information from A to Z in a very straightforward manner. If you have time to repair your credit on your own, this book supports you to reach your goal. It is a handy book an reading it may take less than two hours. However, after these two hours, you have the chance to use Arian Eghbali’s experiences and advice in the finance field.

I recommend reading this book to every American citizen. If you have a credit problem, you must read it. However, if you do not have a problem, you must read it to avoid it. It covers useful information about credit and its management. It seems like your better life does start here.


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