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We provide access to our professional site to give you the best online information about your credit history and any changes made to your case. Also, you can trace all your case updates in it.

Free Consulting

We take all needed information to provide the full credit history of you. We provide a full credit analysis and give you free consulting to increase your credit score and decrease your debts.

Professional Support

We give professional customer service by using the best CRM system and well-qualified specialists to answer all your questions, so we present you the best services and consulting in five languages.

Legal Debt Services

We have all required licenses by the Department of justice for credit counseling agency, as defined by 11 U.S. Code § 111. We recognize all laws and fix your credit legally.

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Arian Eghbali

I am the Chief Executive Officer of Enrich Financial.  There are many financial issues facing consumers today, such as estate planning, insurance, investments, and taxes, to name a few.  We are in the business of helping our clients meet all of their financial challenges. We do this by using a total wealth management approach. Each area is important individually, but managing them all collectively is one of the most important considerations in your overall financial success.We have been successfully helping clients for years, by providing them with affordable plans and approaches to improve their credit.

Our Work Process

100% Free Consulting

In the very first contact with us, we give you a free consulting service and answer all your inquiries as much as you need. Also, we collect the required information to provide a full report of your credit history. This marks the first step in advancing your case.

Reports Collecting

After providing the full report of your credit history from all credit reports companies, we analyze your credit reports to recognize its all negative points, using the professional software and specialists in our company, all done freely.

Drawing Up The Contract

After analyzing and recognizing your credit’s faults, we provide you with all possible solutions to improve credit score and debt settlements, and again we are pleased to answer your questions as much as needed all free. After that, upon your request, we make a contract with you.

Support At All Time

After making the contract, we provide you access to a professional panel to see all the needed information and trace all steps of your case. On the other hand, our specialists are constantly communicating with you to provide all updates of your case. Also, we support you in all aspects of your case, using the best CRM system.

Solving The Problems

We recognize all current credit laws and offer a comprehensive, yet simple approach to improve credit ratings.We have many years of experience in credit repair and financial services that is why we never get shocked by complications of any case.

After Sales Services

Enrich Financial is not just a credit repair consoling service provider; also we can help you in all the financial affairs of your life such as personal or business affairs. We can provide you different packages regarding how to boost credit, receive business loan, and increase your line of credit, etc.

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Shadi Tahmasebi


Our team in Enrich Financial of experienced consultants can review your credit reports, assess your current situation, and provide customized solutions to meet your needs. Through a meticulous process, The Credit Repair Specialist can help restore your credit by auditing BOTH the credit bureaus and the creditors. This process ensures that we achieve the best results for our clients to have a better financial future!