Arian Eghbali is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in North America. Arian Eghbali debuted in entrepreneurship by directing Nicholas Import & Export, a Canadian company.

In 2007, Arian combined his media desire with the management skills he had gained and established TMTV in Los angles California.

Due to Arian Eghbali’s outstanding management, TMTV became the primary Iranian media outlet with a platform for public stock trading under Global Gateway Media & Communications Inc with a stock tricker of GGMC in NASDAQ.

Arian Eghbali and Credit repair

While living in Los angles, Arian discovered that a large community of Iranians are victims of American financial systems. There is a massive difference in the financial systems of Iran and the USA. Many Iranians had to deal with economic challenges because of the lack of relevant knowledge.

Inadequate information about finance and credit in America has had substantial adverse effects on every single aspect of Iranian’s lives. All of these ignited Arian to put his effort into a new field and start a new adventure by founding The Credit Repair Specialists in 2008.

Credit Specialists was the first credit repair company in North America, which served Iranians individually. Although there was a majority of credit repair companies available, Arian noticed that most of these companies were serving wealthier levels of the community. Therefore, the ones with a lower financial level could not get sufficient professional help to solve their financial problems.

Enrich Financial was born

The community’s response to Credit Repair Specialists, which was renamed to Enrich Financial was so positive that it couraged Arian and his outstanding team to extend their company and found new branches all over California to help more people to manage their financial status.

Soon after, Enrich Financial had extended its team in Los Angeles, San Jose, Irvine, and Glendale. Arian Eghbali and his excellent team serve Armenians, specifically in Enrich Financial Glendale.

So far, Enrich Financial has over 98% customer satisfaction because of Mr. Arian Eghbali’s remarkable administration and the expert team he has gathered. Arian Eghbali has been able to rescue thousands of people from bankruptcy by offering excellent services of credit repair, debt settlement, and business credit services. Enrich Financial owes its incomparable achievements to Arian Eghbali’s preceptive management in hiring the most excellent credit specialists in the USA.

Arian Eghbali is an outstanding entrepreneur

If you ask people who work with Arian to the best to describe him in one word, you will mostly hear the entrepreneur term. Arian has been able to prepare for more than 80 job opportunities and help about 100 people to achieve their career goals. All employees working at Enrich Financial or other companies led by Arian appreciate his excellent leadership skills and smart administration tips.
Studying his success factors, we can find out that he never bosses around. He is so considerate and supportive of his personnel. Therefore, his employees work conscientiously.

Furthermore, Arian has always been so caring and considerate about his customers. He pays attention to each singular case as if it’s his case. That is how Enrich Financial is proudly presenting over 96% customer satisfaction.
It is hard to find people in the business world who have other priorities than money. Paying attention to ethics rather than money is the factor that makes him conspicuous.
To make a long story short, Arian is a smart manager for his corporations. A conscientious worker for his customers and a supportive coach for his employees.

Arian Eghbali’s Book

The eclat of Enrich Financial, in a short period, incited Arian to put his excellent knowledge and experience of credit and finance into writing. Arian’s book “Build Better Credit to Build a Better Life” was published in 2004 by Amazon. In the book, Arian Eghbali has tried to inform the audience about credit and finance. The book has a warm and straightforward writing style and covers every piece of information needed about finance and the economy in detail.

Reading the book, you can understand that the slogan on the book is “Your Better Life Starts Here.”

It is not just a motto. Your better life can start by following the guidelines Arian Eghbali offers to boost your credit. 

Mr. Arian Eghbali has written this book to help people to solve their financial problems on their own. However, he and his team are ready to support you solve them.


Following his infinite desires, in 2017, Arian founded Radio Jan as the first Armenian radio out of Armenia. 

Furthermore, he has established the IranMehr newsletter, which is the first political weekly published newsletter with a Persian theme. People in California, New York, and Texas currently have access to the IranMehr newsletter.

Following his desires, Arian’s achievements do not finish here. He started a tour with Ebrahim Hamedi, a very famous Iranian singer known mostly as Ebi, master of the voice in Iran.

Enrich Financial sponsored Ebi’s 50th tour, which had over 500,000 audiences in 90 concerts.

This program took place in forty cities, thirteen countries, and four continents.

Honors and awards

  • Recognition letter from the president, Barak Obama, 2015
  • Acknowledgment letter from the 44th POTUS (announced in CBS, NBC, ABC News as top news)
  • Acknowledgment letter from Paul Korets, member of the Los Angeles City Council
  • Recognition letter from Bob Blumenfield, the Los Angeles City Councilmember for the 3rd Council District
  • Acknowledgment letter from Matt Dababneh, member of the California State Assembly
  • Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, 2016

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