You may have got phone calls or emails that ask you to pay your debts. Businesses usually hire some agencies to pursue the borrowers to pay their mortgage on time. For example, a bank may hire someone to call and remind you to pay your debt. Sometimes they are real. Furthermore, they are useful because they would remind you to pay your deferred debts. However, sometimes these phone calls are just scams that want to deceive you to get money. We have gathered a bunch of hints that help you to distinguish between real credit collection services and the frauds.

8 Hints to Distinguish Real Credit Collection Service:

1.    The collector attempts to paying right now.

Since the debt collectors do not get paid until you pay your debt, they usually have some pressure on you to pay your debts. But they cannot force you to pay your debt at a specific time. If you sense extra pressure and insisting or you hear sentences that try to frighten you, you should get suspicious.

2. They push you to use their paying method.

Legally, you can pay your debts in any method you like. Credit collecting services accept payments via checks, cash or wire pay. If a credit collector insists on paying via electronic payment methods, you should get suspicious.

3. The account or the credit seems unfamiliar to you.

Since the creditors are not real, they do not have access to your precise data. You feel that the account doesn’t belong to you. They would try to mislead you. Moreover, since the same credit collecting service is responsible for your accounts for a while. You should know the credit collectors who collect your credits. If you feel that the account or the credit collectors are too unfamiliar to you, you should feel suspicious.

4. There is not much data related to that phone number on the internet.

If you search the real credit collection services number on the internet, you can find quite good data about the company and the credit collector himself. You can search the phone number that has called you on the internet, and if there wasn’t much relevant information, you should suspect the caller.

5. They threaten you.

As I mentioned before, the credit collectors would persuade you to pay your debts, because them getting paid is depended on your payments. But it is illegal to threaten the borrower with jail time or anything else. If they do so, it is a fraud.

6. They ask the information that they should have already.

The real credit collecting services have your accounts and their relevant information because the businesses give this information to them when they hire these collectors. If the collector asks for data about your account or the data that he or she should already obtain, this is a fraud.

7. They don’t give you information to contact the collecting agency.

The real collectors call from real credit collecting services companies. A real company has adequate info and methods of contacting. A real collector is not afraid of you reaching the company. If you ask for the contact info of the company and the creditor eludes giving the information, you should suspect.

8. The collection doesn’t appear on your credit report.

All the debts and credits related to your accounts should be on your credit reports. If there is no related information about the debt that the creditor asks you to pay for it is a fraud. Moreover, sometimes they may deceive you into paying for the debts you have already paid or canceled.

If you believe it is not a real collection service:

Ask them to give information about their company.

Prove to them that they are wrong about your payments

Never give them your data or your account’s private data.

Ask your creditor whether there is such a collector working with them or not.

If they continue calling you, report them to authorities.

You can contact our specialists to get free accurate credit reports. Moreover, our counselors are ready to help you with the disputing process.

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